Game Debate

Game Debate

Game Debate is a gaming site dedicated to video games and computer hardware. The site brings you the latest news, information and reviews from the video gaming and hardware industry. Its most notable feature is a system requirement checking tool that helps users test their hardware against all official PC games and tells them if they can run it on their rig or not. Game Debate also gives advice on how to optimize your set-up and maximize its performance.

Launched on 2008, the creators of the site made it their goal to cover as many games and formats as humanly possible, while still being capable of producing professional-quality articles and content. 

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3. Feature

A. News and reviews

Game Debate has a professional team of game and hardware journalists dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news from the gaming and hardware industry. The site keeps you up-to-date with tonnes of unique content, from the most-anticipated upcoming games, to the best graphics cards and gaming gears of the year. Game Debate provides you with an unbiased insight into the games industry that will help you make informed decisions and grow your own knowledge of important developments in console and PC gaming.

Game Debate also reviews video games and computer hardware in detailed articles, and rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. These reviews will give users a preview of the products and help them decide whether they are worth to purchase.

B. Database

The creators of Game Debate works hard to cover as many games as humanly possible. As a result, the site has become a huge database of games and hardware. Users can search for a computer components and get full details about its specifications and performance. 

C. Hardware analysis tools

This might be Game Debate's most important feature. The site provides hardware analysis tools that allow users to test their PC's hardware with specific games to see how they would perform on your rig. The tools also give advices and suggestions when your PC has trouble running any game, and showing you exactly which component causes the problem. 

D. Community

Game Debate is a community built by gamers for gamers, users can rate, write reviews, give their own opinions about a product and share them with others. The site also provides other community features such as: user blog, forums and groups.

User can build their own profile with details about their PC's specifications and see other member's rig detail.

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